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The Artist

Lura Shriver, born in La Jolla, California and brought up in the San Diego

area is an accomplished photographer, now residing

and enjoying the beauty of Sierra Madre Canyon.


Dedicated to "Fine-Art Photography" and "Artistic Artwork" images

- is gifted with a very unique style.  Inspired by the artistry of Norman Rockwell -

Lura patterns her artistic artwork to everyday life. 

Lura is a passionate photographer-

having studied with the New York School of Photography.  

She composes her work with the Nikon D70S -

digitally, and the expertise of Photoshop CS2. 

Schooled with an education in computerized training in

software programs - she captures every detail and precisely

and accurately produces magnificent photographs. 

 She has mastered the richness of full color, black and white,

and sepia images - along with her digital artistic illustration skills. 

 Her love of nature, children and still life

has given her a wide range of creativity.


She is very pleased to present her newly created collection -

"Sierra Madre Springtime".

Her collection embraces - our majestic San Gabriel mountains,

hillsides and parks in vibrant spring color,

 decorated with our playful squirrels and delightful deer. 

Capturing our beautiful trees,

quaint Sierra Madre Canyon with its glistening stream,

historical buildings, our picturesque churches,

and many other places of interest. 

Also in the making, The Lazy Days of Sierra Madre Summer,

 Our Glorious Fall Colors - Sierra Madre Autumn,

Our Crisp Cool Days with Snow Laced Mountains.

- Sierra Madre Winter, and Our Enchanting

Sierra Madre Christmas Season.


She is graced with the eloquence of Fine-Art Wedding Photography

and specializes in Designer Portraiture as well. 

Her sincere passion is to

"bless people and heal them through her art,

with treasured memories for generations to come."


Lura's "Sierra Madre Springtime Collection"

is exhibited exclusively at Harlequin's Gallery in Sierra Madre.



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